Pinched Nerve Pain FAQ

Living life with a pinched nerve is painful. Instead of trying to just deal with it, Jacksonville residents can turn to Amazing Spine Care. Our chiropractor will evaluate your musculoskeletal system to locate your pinched nerve and create a chiropractic care plan to relieve it.

Common Personal Injuries Chiropractors can help with

After receiving a personal injury, you may suffer from back and neck pain. Back and neck pain can make you miserable and even prevent you from doing the activities that you love. At Amazing Spine Care in Jacksonville, we know that personal Injuries can greatly interfere with your daily life.

Winter Sports Injuries

Winter Sports Injuries

Every year, millions of people enjoy winter sports like skiing, ice skating, and hockey. Along with those great times, though, winter sports injuries are very common. Statistically, sports injuries are the second most common reason for visiting the emergency room.

Headaches after a Car Accident

Headaches after a Car Accident

After a car accident, it’s common to have a headache. Some people who suffered from headaches before their auto accident has found their headaches become more consistent or painful after they are involved in an accident.

How To Know if you have a Disc Herniation

Are You Suffering From Disc Herniation Symptoms?

Have you been experiencing sharp pains that radiate through your back? If so, you may be dealing with disc herniation symptoms. While several back issues can result in moderate to severe pain, a disc herniation is a serious issue that should be promptly assessed by a qualified chiropractor or another healthcare practitioner.

Shoulder Injury from Auto Accident

An Overview of Shoulder Injuries from an Auto Accident from Amazing Spine Care

At Amazing Spine Care, we are a chiropractor in Jacksonville, FL and we provide care for people who have been involved in an auto accident. There are numerous types of injuries that we treat following a car accident; however, one of the most common is a shoulder injury.

When to See a Chiropractor?

When Should You See a Chiropractor?

At Amazing Spine Care, we are proud of the services we can provide to the people of the Orange Park area. It may not always be clear when you need to see a chiropractor. There are a few common reasons why people come to see a chiropractor:

Sciatica FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions about Sciatica

If you have back pain or are suffering from back injuries, you may have sciatica, which can be treated at Amazing Spine Care in Jacksonville and Orange Park, FL. Sciatica is a term for back pain that is associated with the nervous system.

Auto Accidents FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions About Auto Accidents

Here at Amazing Spine Care, we offer a range of chiropractic services that have helped many in the Jacksonville area achieve a higher level of health and comfort. One of the most devastating accidents a person can be involved in is an auto accident.

New Year’s fitness and Chiropractic

If you’re like most Jacksonville residents, you’ve probably set a goal to get in shape and lose weight in the coming year. But did you know that making and keeping regular appointments with Amazing Spine Care can help you achieve your goals faster and easier? Here’s what you need to know about New Year’s fitness and chiropractic care.

Tips to Alleviate Aches and Pain While Traveling

If you travel frequently, you realize that “jet lag” and nagging aches and pains can interfere with both your business schedule and your plans for vacation fun. Sitting for long periods restricts movement and can lead to diminished blood flow in the extremities, swollen ankles, leg cramps and a persistent ache in your neck or back.

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