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Who We Are

If you’re looking for a Jacksonville chiropractor, it would be hard to find better care than what you would receive at Amazing Spine Care. We are a chiropractic office that firmly believes in the power and sustainability of choosing a more holistic approach to everyday health.

While we are able to quickly treat and relieve pain, our main philosophy centers around the idea of not just managing pain when it appears, but consistently preventing pain and suffering by building a strong physical foundation.

We use our services in conjunction with a network of community healthcare providers to bring people in alignment with a more natural, drug-free and self-monitoring lifestyle.

It may sound boastful to say that we have the best chiropractor in Jacksonville FL, but we consider it to be just an honest affirmation of what we believe that we offer to our community – the best wellness care and chiropractic treatment in Jacksonville.

The Care We Provide

We provide chiropractic adjustment, but there is so much more to the services that we offer. With our focus on holistic health, we treat the “whole person.” This means that we do a variety of personal assessments in order to fully understand all of the physical, mental and emotional issues you face. This typically involves an initial consultation that helps us to pinpoint your most pressing health concerns. Depending on the information gathered during the consultation, our next step may include ordering x-rays, lab tests, a physical and an initial chiropractic exam. This type of thorough evaluation helps us to give you the advice and treatments that will work most successfully for your specific circumstances.

Who We Partner With

During the evaluation phase, we may also recognize the need to recommend other complementary healthcare services or medical consultation. In these instances, our team expands to include our trusted network of in-house and outside health professionals. The team may consist of orthopedic physicians, acupuncturists, massage therapists, nutritionists or other types of medical and alternative healthcare providers. Insurance companies are increasingly adding holistic services to their roster of offerings, making it much easier for us to ensure that you get the type of well-rounded, comprehensive healing and lifestyle planning that will most benefit your ongoing health.

How to Schedule an Appointment with Us

This is the easiest part of getting on the pathway to natural healing…simply give our office a call and our chiropractic assistants will be happy to schedule you for your obligation-free initial consultation. Come in and learn more about what it means to get healthy the chiropractic way!

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