you have to be seen by a doctor within 14 days of your accident or you will not have medical coverage

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Welcome to Our Jacksonville Auto Accident Injury Chiropractor

At Amazing Spine Care, we understand your reasons for searching for a Jacksonville chiropractor are usually pain. If you are in pain following an auto accident, sports trauma or work-related incident, our Jacksonville chiropractic team has natural treatments to bring you relief. Our Jacksonville chiropractor, Dr. Alan Khiger, is passionate about reducing your pain and placing your body in a position to heal. Chiropractic care in Jacksonville uses a holistic approach so you recover from injuries, reduce your pain and enhance your overall health. Our Jacksonville auto accident injury care begins as soon as possible after your incident. The sooner you receive care, the less likely you are to sustain chronic pain or discomfort from your injuries. Plus, in Florida, you have 14 days to seek care for your injuries.

Symptoms and Conditions Treated with our Jacksonville Chiropractor

Dr. Khiger offers comprehensive chiropractic care for a wide range of health conditions. This includes Back pain, migraines and headaches; low back pain; Sciatica; auto accident injuries, including whiplash; Carpal Tunnel Syndrome; Arthritis; sports injuries including concussions; Fibromyalgia; work injuries; herniated discs; personal injuries such as a slip and fall; and more.

Chiropractic care focuses primarily on adjustments to the spine and joints. Dr. Khiger offers a complete patient evaluation in order to determine if chiropractic manipulations will benefit them.

During the evaluation, he looks for misaligned vertebrae, herniated discs, misaligned joints as well as spinal abnormalities. He uses x-rays for assessing a patient’s spine’s shape and overall health.

After the evaluation, he prepares treatment plan that ensures long-lasting pain relief.

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Our Jacksonville chiropractic center offers a variety of treatments for the above conditions and many more. Since chiropractic care relies on the placement of your body to heal itself, it is a safe form of care for infants, adults, during pregnancy and for seniors. Along with gentle chiropractic adjustments to set your spine and joints into a pain-free position, we show you exercises to support a healthy posture and eliminate pain. Our health team also discusses your nutritional intake to ensure you are consuming the proper nutrients for healing. Healthy eating is also necessary to avoid foods that trigger inflammation, headaches and migraines. Since our goal is to heal you naturally, we show you how small lifestyle changes such as the height of your desktop computer will reduce neck pain and upper back discomfort. Our health team will educate you on healthier ways to sleep, sit and lift to protect your back and reduce future pain and concerns. Chiropractic adjustments in Jacksonville are gentle and effective and work with your body to heal your injuries and reduce pain. Let Dr. Khiger evaluate your condition and develop your personalized care plan today. Call us 904-701-3916 .

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    These people here are amazing. They treat you good and make you feel like family. They answer all my questions I have. I will always come back.

    Shelby Mann

    Staff is great and the chiropractors are thorough. After a year of chronic neck pain, I was finally able to feel some relief just a few visits.

    Hanna Thompson

    Amazing Spine Care is the ONLY place to go! Dr. Plotz, Dr. Khiger, and all of the staff are wonderful, personable people. I was in a car accident and immediately went to the hospital to get myself checked out, waited 2.5 hrs before being seen and was only given some Motrin for my neck pain and was sent home. I came to Amazing Spine Care and they treated me like a human and not just another patient. They made sure to check all the bells and whistles so that I was cared for by what my specific nee

    Lacey Shoener

    Excellent care, excellent staff! Amazing Spine Care lives up to their name. I highly recommend. Everyone is super nice and I always feel amazing after my appointments.

    Rose Ramolete

    Great service great chiropractor highly recommend very accommodating staff. Offer a variety of service. When I started I was in severe lower back pain after I was assigned a regiment it wasn’t permanent, it grew with me healing. I never felt like I came here and wasted time. Decompression machine adjustment exercises and therapeutic messages coupled with a great chiropractor is the key. As said earlier highly recommended.

    Sam Bosque

    Very courteous staff and the Doctor is well knowledgeable and professional. I came in with complaints of headache and neck strain and I walked out feeling fully refreshed and had gained energy and vigor I haven’t had in a while. These procedures work and are tried and true. I highly recommend Amazing Spine Care.

    Daryl Dyer

    In town as a seaman (work on a ship).
    Best price and as good as my home town doc.
    Thank you for the chiropractic adjustment!!

    Mark Briggs

    Thank you so much Dr. Khiger for helping me. Very friendly stuff, great atmosphere and beautiful brand new office. Will deffinatey come back again. Highlly reccomend this Doctor.

    Tatiana Ollie

    I have been to many chiropractor offices and amazing spine care has by far been the best place I have received medical attention for my neck and back..everything was great from the time I walked in the door..massages are fantastic.and with a DR who truly cares about the well-being of his patients this is a one stop shop for pain..after many years of bouncing from office to office I finally found a chiropractic clinic I can call home..thank you DR KHIGER you are truly the best!!


    My experience with the doctor and staff was wonderful you get 5 star treatment. And the doctors at Amazing Spine Care gives you the best treatment and care about you the patient. They show you unconditional love and care. I recommend this facility too all who require the best treatment for their injuries.

    Minnie Dawkins

    It has been an amazing experience being treated at Amazing Spine Care. Dr. Khiger and his staff are very friendly and professional. I was being treated for an auto injury by another office (or lack of treatment) for my injuries and did not get full treatment or attention that should be given in a doctor/patient visit. After being treated by Dr. Khiger, my back and neck alignment is back to normal and my energy level is at an astonishing level.
    Thanks Dr. Khiger for your passion for healing and zest for educating us about our bodies. That’s rare to find these days.

    LaDonna Daniels

    very professional, and great at what they do, after an accident they had me back on my feet in no time,
    the doctor knew exactly what i needed and explained everything along the way. 5 star treatment the best.

    Walter Hooker

    I did get into a serious car accident and had really bad back pains, after several sessions I felt myself way better. Amazing doctor and amazing staff, I would recommend Amazing Spine Care to everybody.

    Vladimir Peredreev

    I had great experience with Dr. Khiger’s treatment. He provides superb care and education to his patients. The staff is wonderful and very helpful. If you want amazing care, Amazing Spine Care is the place to be.

    Luigi Delfin

    Dr. Khiger is amazing. I can explain to him where it hurts and he can fix it. I do CrossFit at the age of 54 and Dr. Khiger helps me to keep my body moving correctly. If you need a Chiropractor, Dr. Khiger is your answer.

    SueEllen NesSmith

    Absolutely loved going there! Incredible professionalism and knowledge best in the whole Florida! Helped me tremendously after my auto accident.

    Angelina Gerling

    We have found the best care for our chiropractic needs. Our family is extremely happy to be a part of the Amazing Spine Care family now!!! We highly recommend this facility they have outstanding care…. 5 stars!!!!

    Kira Knight McKay

    Dr. Khiger is fantastic. Had an emergency back issue while moving to jax and they fit me in before they closed and even worked past closing time. He came up with a schedule to get my issue treated Timely and appropriately. The price is better than any I’ve ever seen. I seriously can’t stress enough how benifitial Amazing Spine Care was for me.

    Gini Hancock Moore

    I have been struggling with back pain since i was young. After just my first visit I can honestly say I have never felt this food. I feel lose and am able to work my daily 8 hour shift with little to no pain at all. I am so thankful for their afforable prices and amazing staff!!!

    Katelyn Doran

    Great hospitality! Very comfortable space. Very knowledgeable in Chiropractic. Definitely suggest!!!

    Christine Parke
    Thank goodness for Saturday hours!
    My regilar chiropractic office had staffing and schefuling issues all week. I wasn’t able to see them. I thought I would tough it out over the weekend. I woke up Saturday morning crying in pain and barely able to get out of bed. My husband found Amazing Spina Care and they were able to get me right in.
    My auto accident money has been exhausted. My health insurance covers 12 visits and they are all used. Therefore, I’m a cash pay patient. Every office (open or closed) was priced at $75- $100 for an exam and adjustment. Amazing Spine care’s price included exam, manipulation, modalities, and a 30 minute massage and it was less than all the others.
    The doctor was great. After my adjustment, he followed up with me to make sure I was feeling better.
    The massage was so great. She specialized in whiplash treatment. She has very strong hands that applied pressure just were it was needed.
    I will be switching chiropractors!!! Thank you for helping me function ago!
    Allee Watkins

    Great service great chiropractor highly recommend very accommodating staff. Offer a variety of service. When I started I was in severe lower back pain after I was assigned a regiment it wasn’t permanent, it grew with me healing. I never felt like I came here and wasted time. Decompression machine adjustment exercises and therapeutic messages coupled with a great chiropractor is the key. As said earlier highly recommended.

    Sam Bosque

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