Failed Back and Neck Surgery Treatment

Failed back surgery and failed neck surgery aren’t rare events. Researchers have found that up to 40% of lumbar laminectomies fail, sometimes within minutes after the procedure. Up to another 36% of surgical patients have their pain return within two years of the procedure. In the event of failed back surgery or failed neck surgery, a chiropractor may be able to help. Here are three things our chiropractor at Amazing Spine Care in Jacksonville, FL wants you to know about failed back surgery and filed neck surgery.


Back and Neck Surgery Complications

Some patients are more likely to have issues after back and neck surgery than others. Smoking and obesity both increase your chances of experiencing surgical failure. If you have another condition that causes chronic pain like fibromyalgia, the benefits of surgery will be hard to measure. People in these categories sometimes do not qualify for surgery in the first place.

Surgeons sometimes make mistakes. About 1 in 30 minimally invasive surgeries is directed to the wrong level of the spine. The surgeon can leave too much space or not create enough space around nerves, setting up even more pain. Things can go wrong after surgery, too. Sometimes the original problem, such as fibrosis of a disc, occurs all over again. Sometimes the surgery creates scar tissue. There can be postoperative infections and problems with balance that only appear after recovery from the operation. Surgical screws can also become loose. These surgical complications can lead to severe pain and reduced mobility.

Hands-On Therapy Can Improve Your Quality of Life After Back and Neck Surgery

Everybody can benefit from hands-on, non-surgical, non-pharmaceutical treatment after back and neck surgery. Even if the surgery went well, our chiropractor can offer you guidance on exercises that build back your strength and reduce pain. Our chiropractor can show you ways to prevent future injuries to your spine, and help you deal with getting back to full power in your daily activities. That is, as long as you avoid one major mistake:

The Answer to Failed Back Surgery and Failed Neck Surgery Isn’t More Surgery

The Journal of Pain Research published some discouraging statistics about failed back surgery syndrome. (The problem is so common that the medical profession has named a syndrome after it.) The probabilities of failure of back surgery to control pain are:

  • 50% for the first surgery.
  • 70% for the second surgery.
  • 85% for the third surgery.
  • 95% for the fourth surgery.

Don’t keep repeating procedures that aren’t working for you. Chiropractic care is your non-surgical alternative for chronic neck and back pain.

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