What Exactly is a Concussion?

Amazing Spine Care in Jacksonville wants you to know that many people suffer from concussions every year. Concussions can occur as a result of a car accident, military hazard, fall, contact sports injury, and even yoga. Your brain in your skull is cushioned by fluid, which is meant to absorb direct blows. When a concussion occurs, your brain is shaken in your skull and you may experience symptoms immediately or not for several hours later.


The Signs and Symptoms of Concussions

After a head injury, you may have several signs of a concussion. The most common signs and symptoms are mental fogginess, loss of consciousness, amnesia, headache, confusion, difficulty in concentrating, and personality changes. You may also experience sleep disturbances, dizziness, ringing in the ears, nausea, vomiting, extreme fatigue, slurred speech, and a great sensitivity to both noise and light. Many times a concussion is the result of an underlying neck injury that is irritating the brainstem.

Post Concussion Syndrome

If you suffer from a concussion and return to normal activities right away, you may experience post concussion syndrome. This produces a set of symptoms that can last anywhere from a week to months and even years after the first concussion and it’s considered to be a brain injury.

How A Chiropractor Can Help

Accidents that cause concussions often result in upper cervical spine injuries as well as creating abnormalities in the structural integrity of the central nervous system. This usually results in pain in many joints in your body or numbness in your joints. Our chiropractor uses X-rays or CBCT to observe the spine. Then he can develop a plan of action with you to bring your spine back into alignment to reduce the risks of post concussion syndrome.

Trust Our Experienced Chiropractor in Jacksonville FL

Our staff at Amazing Spine Care is experienced with treating concussions as well as all other abnormalities that require chiropractic care. We can treat pain in the sciatic nerve, neck, shoulder, jaw, ankle, knee, hip, and groin. We also treat numbness and arthritis in the spine. If you think you have experienced a concussion, please make an appointment with us immediately for quick relief.

We have five convenient locations in the Jacksonville FL area. We are open Monday through Friday with extended after work hours to treat your symptoms with a holistic approach. Call us for an appointment at (904) 701-3916 so we can provide a thorough examination, create a plan of action, and reduce your pain in any part of your body quickly.

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