Your First Visit

Your First Visit with our Jacksonville Chiropractor

Each chiropractic visit depends on the presentation of the problem…as all patients are different.

​On your first visit an extensive medical history will be taken. Multiple techniques will be used such as Thompson, Activator, Diversified, SOT and Kiniseology. Development of arthritis due to chronic subluxations and motor vehicle trauma can be used as well. Treatment will follow as appropriate.

Sometimes additional tests may be required through your GP (blood tests, X-rays, etc). Advice on posture, diet, lifestyle and exercise will be given if relevant to your condition. Referral to other practitioners (GP, Hospital Consultant, Complementary Therapists), may also be suggested where necessary. If your condition dictates time off work, an Off-Work Certificate will be provided. The nature of the condition will determine the number of visits necessary and this will be discussed at the conclusion of your first assessment.

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