What To Expect

Treatment principally consists of manipulation to the spine. A simple description of manipulation is a hands on process where a certain area of the spine is moved into a position of tension and then a fast manual thrust is delivered to it. Usually a “click” sound comes out of the spinal segment manipulated. This procedure is given to areas that show an alteration in their normal range of movement .This same manipulation is repeated usually over five to seven visits to reestablish some amount of function in the areas that need it. Usually a whole spine approach works best.

Often, this process alone is highly effective and the patient feels much less pain and stiffness. This is particularly true when the problem was caused by past accidents that are not ongoing. A past accident where the spine gets “jolted” is the number one cause of back problems. Not old age or wear and tear. If this was true our waiting room would be filled predominately with old people, but it isn’t. Young to middle age patients make up the largest group.

Sometimes however the problem is ongoing. The cause of the problem is in the present e.g.   overwork or inappropriate work for body type or repetitiveness of tasks and of course mental stress. The chiropractor and patient will spend time discussing these things with recommendations given

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