Scoliosis Relief from Our Chiropractor in Jacksonville, FL

Many people consider scoliosis a childhood disorder and are surprised to learn that up to seven million individuals in this country suffer from it. Some are adults. Patients who visit Amazing Spine Care can anticipate relief from pain associated with this and other conditions after natural and non-invasive treatment from our Jacksonville chiropractor.


Understanding Scoliosis

The arrangement of vertebrae in the spine forms a curve that permits bending and other motions. Scoliosis is the occurrence of a spinal curve that exceeds ten degrees. Patients with scoliosis present a spine that curves excessively in a C or an S shape, which may eventually worsen.

For four of every five of these individuals, it is impossible to identify a cause. The most common causes for the remaining cases of scoliosis are tumors, neurological disease, and trauma.

Scoliosis in children usually appears between the ages of eight and ten, but might be present when they are born. Some show no overt signs. When symptoms do appear, these are the most frequent:

  • Ribs with a pushed-out appearance
  • Head that looks off-center
  • Shoulders at differing heights
  • Arms that don’t fall straight down while standing
  • Different heights of each side of the back
  • Appearance of one hip as higher

Among our adult patients, one of the first signs is back pain. Wear can cause discs in the spine to tilt and eventually curve while bones and joints incur damage. Other symptoms frequently associated with adults include:

  • Fatigue
  • Trouble walking
  • Becoming shorter
  • Feeling short of breath

Some adults have trouble standing straight and experience shoulders or hips that appear uneven.  A feeling of fullness while eating is another symptom. Signs such as bone spurs, a lower-back bump, and problems ranging from weakness to pain in a leg are also common.

Chiropractic Therapy

A scoliosis diagnosis occurs after an initial consultation that includes a review of the patient’s history, symptoms, and posture in addition to a comprehensive physical examination. After treatment, most individuals stay physically active while undergoing scheduled monitoring.

Following a positive diagnosis, we create a personalized treatment plan for each patient. Bracing is beneficial to many. Prescribed exercises and spinal manipulation by our chiropractor are particularly helpful for the relief of back pain.

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