Disk Pain

What Causes Disk Pain?

Disk pain is usually caused by damage to one of the disks within the spine.  Between each vertebra is a tiny disk structure.  These structures act as cushioning devices, absorbing impact as you bend and move.  The disks are donut shaped, and filled with a gel-like substance.  Sometimes, as the disk becomes older, the disk walls become brittle and crack, allowing some of the liquid cushioning gel to escape.  This is called a herniated disk.  This type of injury is usually considered degenerative, but can also be caused by an acute trauma. Disk pain is usually centered around the area of the neck or back where the disk has been damaged, but can refer pain to other parts of the body as well.


Are There Any Other Symptoms?

The pain experienced with a disk injury can be mild to severe.  While some people may experience a dull ache, centered in the area with a ruptured disk, others may feel a stabbing or shooting pain.  Usually, tingling and numbness is associated with disk pain and common disk injuries.  For disk injuries in the neck area, numbness and pain can be felt in the shoulders, arms, and hands.  Disk injuries in the lower back are commonly painful in the buttocks, legs, and feet.  People will also often report that they are feeling clumsier than usual, and are more prone to tripping or dropping items.

How Can a Chiropractor Help?

A chiropractor, such as Dr. Alan Khiger, at Amazing Spine Care based out of Jacksonville, FL, has several tools at his disposal to help treat disk pain.  Considered alternative medicine, chiropractic care offers a safe, non-invasive way to restore balance and harmony to the body.  To do this, a chiropractor may make manual manipulations to the spine in order to relieve pressure from injured disks.  A chiropractor may also use strengthening and stretching exercises to help improve strength and flexibility in a patient’s back.  Further, a chiropractor may use massage therapy in order to relax and sooth painful muscles surrounding a damaged disk.  Every patient is different, and your chiropractor will work along with you to develop a customized treatment plan specific to you.

Chiropractic care offers a non-invasive and safe treatment method for neck and back pain.  At Amazing Spine Care, based out of Jacksonville, FL, our team is passionate about overall wellbeing.  If you are experiencing disk pain in your back or neck, it may be time to see our chiropractor.  Often, disk pain can be mitigated with regular chiropractic care.  To set up an appointment, call us today at (904) 701-3916.  We look forward to helping you return to a pain free life, so you can go back to enjoying the activities you love.

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