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Posted on 01-09-2017

Jacksonville Chiropractor Care Can Help You In The New Year

jacksonville chiropractic care

2017 is right around the corner, and now is a time when so many of us reflect on new goals to improve our health. At Amazing Spine Care, your local Jacksonville chiropractic care center, we want to help every person maximize their fulfillment and quality of life. 

Top 5 Ways Chiropractic Care Can Help You Live Your Healthiest Year Yet

  1. Stop pain once it starts and prevent pain before it begins. A doctor of chiropractic is skilled at evaluating, identifying, and treating a variety of musculoskeletal and neurological conditions. With non-invasive and drug-free interventions, our Jacksonville chiropractor can relieve your pain naturally. He can also help prevent new or recurrent issues by identifying underlying risk factors for dysfunction, like undetected postural imbalances.
  2. Increase your energy and mood--without medication. In addition to relieving pain, reducing pressure on nerves, and improving spinal alignment, a Jacksonville spine adjustment and soft tissue mobilization promote stress relief and improved sleep, both of which are key for health and healing. 
  3. Save you money and time. Regular chiropractic care strengthens your nervous and immune systems and improves overall wellness. This can reduce your likelihood of developing anything from the common cold to a physical injury. Over time, this saves you time, money on doctor visits, prescription medications, and missed work. 
  4. Improve your physical function so you can work out safely and effectively. So many of our physical problems relate to joint subluxation and mobility limitations in the spine. By improving your spinal alignment and function, as well as resolving pain, inflammation, and injury in other areas of the body, our chiropractor helps people resume their normal physical activity--whether in the gym, on the pavement, or out on the playing field. 
  5. Receive customized guidance for your lifestyle and nutrition goals. Consulting with our Jacksonville chiropractor helps you learn more ways to support a healthy you. From nutritional counseling to water intake prescription to workplace ergonomic training, our team has got you covered for the New Year. 

Are You Starting The New Year With Your Best Health In Mind? Schedule An Appointment With Our Jacksonville Chiropractor Today

Experience what a difference your health, your body, and your mind can feel with a little help from our trilingual (English, Russian, and Spanish) Jacksonville chiropractor, Dr. Alan Khiger. To schedule an appointment, call Amazing Spine Care today at (904) 701-3916.

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