Tips to Alleviate Aches and Pain While Traveling

If you travel frequently, you realize that “jet lag” and nagging aches and pains can interfere with both your business schedule and your plans for vacation fun. Sitting for long periods restricts movement and can lead to diminished blood flow in the extremities, swollen ankles, leg cramps and a persistent ache in your neck or back.

Disrupted schedules, irregular meals, crowds, cramped airplanes, and long drives lead to fatigue, headaches and physical symptoms of malaise. Amazing Spine Care, a chiropractic care clinic in Jacksonville, understands the problems and has some simple suggestions =to counteract the undesirable effects of long trips.

Plan Ahead to Alleviate Pain from Air Travel

If you must sit for long periods on an airplane, try placing a pillow behind your back at the lower part of your spine, and perhaps another to support your neck. Stand and walk about the cabin periodically. Stretch and bend whenever you have a chance. If you have an airport layover, Take a brisk walk around the airport rather than simply sitting in a chair to await the next flight. Mild exercise is good for both mind and body.

Be sure to drink plenty of water, and go easy on the snacks, prepared meals and alcohol, especially on overseas flights.

Travel Smart to Reduce the Pain of Road Trips

If traveling by car, stop every couple of hours, especially if you’re the driver, to get out of the car for a few minutes. Walk for five minutes or do some simple bends and stretches. Vary the way you hold the steering wheel. Adjust the seat properly, and, if necessary, place a small lumbar pillow behind your back to help your spine maintain its natural curve.

If you’re the passenger on a long road trip, adjust your position periodically. Adjust the seat or shift your weight by putting a pillow or blanket under your thighs. Bend your knees and lift each leg alternately to a count of five, mimic the motion of walking as you sit, swing your legs from side to side, and rotate your feet at the ankles.

When you travel, eat light meals, and choose to “dine-in” rather than driving through take-out lanes.

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