Headaches after a Car Accident

Headaches after a Car Accident

After a car accident, it’s common to have a headache. Some people who suffered from headaches before their auto accident has found their headaches become more consistent or painful after they are involved in an accident. Many different things can cause a headache, but even if the cause of your pain isn’t certain, one thing is: a visit to a car accident chiropractor in Jacksonville, FL, can help.

Common Causes of Headaches after an Auto Accident

There are many different ways you can become injured in an auto accident that all result in a painful headache. The severity of the headache will depend on the force and impact of the accident.

Types of Headaches after an Auto Accident

There are several different kinds of headache that can be caused by an auto accident:

  • A post-traumatic headache is caused by trauma to the neck and head during the accident.
  • A post-concussive headache appears after a concussion.
  • A spasms headache is one of the most common types of headache after an accident and is caused when the muscles of the upper back, head, or neck are injured. A sudden jolt from the car accident can injure or tear soft tissues and cause a spasm or strain.
  • A whiplash headache occurs with the common injury of whiplash. These are usually focused near the base of your skull and can also be accompanied by dizziness, fatigue, or stiffness. This headache may not appear until weeks later.
  • A fractured headache happens after a fractured neck or skull injury and is usually localized near the injury site.
  • A pinched nerve can also cause a headache. During an accident, compression of the spine can result in a pinching of the nerve, where you experience burning, numbness, and tenderness.

Visiting a Car Accident Chiropractor in Orange Park

If you are suffering from headaches after an auto accident in Jacksonville, it’s best to visit our auto accident chiropractor in Jacksonville, FL. Headaches can be a symptom of another injury that may also need attention. Finding someone who can determine the source of your injuries not only helps you relieve headache pain but can also help reduce the chances of your headaches becoming a chronic condition.

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