4 Stretching Exercises You Can Do At Home If You Suffer From Back Pain

According to the American Chiropractic Association, 31 million American suffers from back pain and about 80 percent people are bound to suffer from this at some point in life.

In fact, back pain is the most common reason for leaves at work. About $50 billion is spent for back pain each year in the U.S.—this is only an easily identifiable cost!

Why though?

Common day to day lifestyle habits such as extended sitting, poor posture and stress or organ dysfunctionality such as kidney stone amongst others, contribute to this condition.

Your back is a complicated structure of muscles, ligaments, tissues and of course the foundation of our being the spine. If you accidentally sprain your muscles or ligaments, rupture disc or have an irritant joint, all of these can lead to back pains that can be excruciating.

What can you about it?

Warm up or stretch. Staying active is the best way to combat back pain, according to the ACA.

Here are a few stretch exercises you can do at home:

Cobra Stretch

Keep your feet together and stretch as high as possible with your shoulders.

This will give your spine a much-needed stretch, while giving your stiff muscles a relaxing pull.

Lower Back Twist

This is an easy, relaxing and effective way to get rid of back pain. This exercise will twist your Gluteus Maximus muscles along with your lower back. Make sure you don’t lift both your shoulders off the floor when twisting one leg across your body to the other leg.

Lying Lower Back Stretch

Not only will this stretching exercise ease your back pain this will give digestion a good kick start. Pull your knees with your hands up to your chest, hold the position for good 15 to 20 seconds. You will feel a pull on your lower thighs and lower back. Don’t worry if your back lifts from the floor.

Pelvic Thrust

A perfect exercise which will leave your neck, shoulder, thighs and lowers back relaxed. Lie down flat on your back, have your feet come in next to hamstrings as you bend your legs. Put force on your feet and push your pelvis up with your legs.

Are there any other solutions for back pain?

Quality health care is highly emphasized in today’s world. There are several ways to relieve back pain. Some people who suffer from chronic pain resort to medication or even surgery for quick relief. These come with additional complications.

Spinal manipulation has proved to be a highly effective non-surgical treatment. It reduces pain, and decreases the need for medication. In fact, the Agency for Health Care Research and Quality recommends spinal manipulation as the only safest and effective way to get rid of back which. According to them, it is the best drug-free form of professional treatment for acute back pain.

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