How Spinal Decompression Therapy can Help Neck Pain

A CDC report on motor vehicle injuries in 2012 stated that nearly 200,000 people were hospitalized for crash-related ailments in the year alone.

The most frequently occurring injuries reported were related to the head and chest. However, the most common and serious injuries were related to the spine, neck and back.

Spine and neck injuries are quite common, especially if a person is involved in a car accident in which they were rear-ended. The injuries can range from damage to the spinal cord, to herniated discs and whiplash, which is what we’re focusing on in this blog.

The Advantages of Spinal Decompression Therapy

Spinal decompression procedure is an effective method of treating pain in the neck and back region. This therapy is mainly recommended for people with chronic neck pain and injuries in the spinal region such as bulging and herniated discs.

Here are some ways spinal decompression therapy helps us recover:

Strengthening the Muscles

With continuous treatment and maintenance, spinal decompression not only helps strengthen the muscles in the affected area, it also lessens the possibility of the pain returning.

Functioning of the Nervous System

Herniated discs and degenerative diseases narrow the passageway for the spine. This in turn compresses the spinal cord. Since the spinal cord is the central pathway for your nervous roots, any negative effect distresses the nervous system. Proper therapy eliminates that pressure.

Neck PainStructural Change

The process of spinal decompression involves stretching the vertebrae in a way that modifies the position and force of your spine. This reverses the position of the discs and leads to a healthy change in spinal structure, thus relieving neck pain.

Balancing Blood Flow

Releasing pressure on your muscles and nerves promotes blood flow. This aids the healing process of your spine.

Focusing on Full Body Wellness

Keep in mind that spinal decompression therapy focuses on your spine and neck muscles. As such, you cannot receive therapy from just any establishment that offers auto injury treatment.

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