Let’s Ditch Some Facts About Neck Pain

It’s been troubling you for some time now.

You can’t sleep. You can’t turn your head. You can’t work.

You are having trouble carrying out routine activities because of it.

Your neck pain has gone from being an impulsive bark in the wee hours of the night, to a subduing howl at all times of the day—morning, evening and night.

Truth be told, you are not alone!

So, what causes it?

Why is it important to know the answer to the posed question? Because, if you know what causes it, you can take active measures to reduce the risk of contracting a neck pain.

What Causes Neck Pain?

There are lot of different causes of neck pain. We look at the common ones.

Sleeping in an awkward position

Neck Pain Sleeping

Also referred to as crick in the neck, this happens when while sleeping you put an unnecessary strain on your neck by assuming an unnatural position, or using a pillow that is uncomfortable.

Maintaining a poor posture while working

Neck Pain Tilt

Do you often tilt your heads forward while working? Don’t do it, it’s causing the muscles, tendons and ligaments in your neck to work harder, resulting in a neck pain.

Neck Pain MobileExcessive use of mobile phone and tablets

Now this is an interesting one. People who excessively use mobile phones and tablets—texting, reading and playing games on it—put strain on their neck, by keeping their heads in a forward titled position for long hours. Maintaining this posture can cause neck pain.

Are you reading this post on a tablet or your smartphone? Is your head titled forward or is it on level with the screen?

Neck Pain StressAnxiety and Stress

Yes, anxiety and stress cause neck pain too. Worrying too much about your job, over thinking the argument you had with your partner in the morning, harboring griefs—and every other type of emotional stress you put yourself through—all that causes those muscles in your neck to clench and ache.

Neck Pain Chemical StressChemical Stress

The food you eat, the air you breathe in, the settings in which you work—even pollen released from trees trigger neurological responses that affect your nerve function and muscle tone. This again can cause neck pain.

Neck is one of those few areas of the body, that is vulnerable to spells of unexplained—mostly preventable—pain. And the pain that follows, can be quite stubborn as well, refusing to go away. If you have been suffering from persistent neck pain over the past couple of weeks, you should approach a chiropractor for professional help.

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