Here’s Why You Should Return to the Chiropractor Even If You Feel Fine

“I feel fine and don’t have any pain! I don’t need think I need to follow up with my chiropractor!”

This is the most common utterance chiropractors hear from their patients. This is also the main reason why people come back to our clinic, asking for re-treatment due to reoccurring pain or muscle injury.

Back Pain Can Return With a Vengeance

This condition has a bad habit of returning which is extremely painful but can also interfere with your work, sports or everyday life.

Acute back pain is one of the most common maladies that affect the musculoskeletal system. It can be treated or settled with the help of conventional spinal treatment yet recurrence rate is incredibly high.

Why Is There Such a High Recurrence Rate of Back Pain?

According to researchers and chiropractors, a certain number of deep muscles in the abdomen and lower back need to contract to help support the spine. You’ll be less likely to suffer back pain if this system works correctly, the way it’s supposed to work.

What happens next? These muscles turn off every time you suffer from back pain and don’t turn on automatically again. Re-injury or recurrence of pain is guaranteed due to this reason.

My Back Pain Has Gone Completely – Is Follow Up Chiropractor Care Necessary?

You must have taken help from the most efficient chiropractor care treatment clinic in Jacksonville after experiencing bad pain. A few treatments after, the pain and discomfort is a thing of the past! Now there is no need to visit the practice again because you are feeling just fine.

Don’t fall for this! There are many reasons why your chiropractor tells you to return for a follow-back even if you feel fine. Here’s why:

The Spine Contains 24 Movable Vertebrae

This acts as a hollow pipeline and helps protect the signals that pulse from our brain and travel down to the spinal cord and adjoining nerves.

Our nervous system is actually a collection of nerves or links that travel from the brain to every organ and body part.

Additionally, only 25% of these nerves are pain related while others move and run inside the body. What does this mean? It’s quite possible for you to have a significant health problem that kills your pain receptors i.e. you won’t be able to feel any pain.

This tells us one thing – being pain-free or feeling no pain isn’t a very good or strong indicator of overall health. Feeling pain is often a warning sign of something that will show up later, that everything isn’t fine.

Never believe the same when it comes to your chiropractic care and pain management. This will only make the issue even more serious than it already is! Schedule an appointment at Amazing Spine Care if you’re experiencing pain in any area of your body. We also deal with auto injuries.

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