5 Medical Conditions That Cause Lower Back Pain

Chiropractic care can assist with a number of pain conditions. However, most of the initial visits are for lower back pain.

At any given time, as many as 31 million Americans suffer from lower back pain. It’s the leading cause of disability, costing as much as $50 billion in identified costs.

Understanding what causes lower back pain can help reduce the risk. From minor injuries such as muscle sprain to spinal conditions, a number of problems can result in back pain.

It can most often be attributed to:

1. Degenerated disc disease

It’s a disorder in which pain and radiating weakness are the main symptoms. The pain stems from a degenerative disc in the spine.

Despite the name, it’s not a typical disease where pain will progress over time, neither is it degenerative. It’s named so to imply that disc degenerates over time and that’s what results in pain. In fact, it can get better with time and proper care.

2. Herniated disc

The spinal condition can result from pinched nerve or disc pain.

If it’s symptomatic herniated disc, the material leaking outside is pinching or irritating a nearby nerve. It’s not the disc itself that’s causing the pain. It’s categorized as radicular pain, with pain sensation being felt in other parts of body too.

Symptomatic degenerated disc can also result in lower back or leg pain. In this case, the disc is the source of pain. The pain felt is categorized as axial pain.

3. Osteoarthritis

Arthritis is common in older age. Your lower back has 5 sets of facet joints. They can get injured or become inflamed with physical stress.

Inflammation of spinal joints is arthritis. It’s mostly initiated because of minor injuries to the joint, typically unavoidable.

4. Spinal stenosis

The word ‘stenosis’ refers to abnormal narrowing of a channel. This condition involves narrowing of bone channel that is occupied by the spinal nerves.

This narrowing may occur in almost any part of the spinal cord. However, the nerve compression symptoms are usually the same.

5. Spondylolisthesis

This condition results when a vertebra slips forward right over the one following it in line. It’s an age-related condition, resulting in weaker joints, bones and ligaments. The spine becomes weaker, unable to hold the column in alignment.

Other than these common conditions, auto accident injuries can also result in lower back pain. If you’re looking for pain management treatment in Jacksonville, book an appointment with us today. We specialize in work and auto accident related pain conditions.

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