Arm And Shoulder Injuries Following Auto Accidents

If you’ve been involved in minor auto injuries, it’s advised that you seek immediate medical attention. Most people don’t seek treatment and then suffer from serious pain conditions later.

The problem is that not all injuries will appear right after getting out of the accident. It may take hours or even days for some injuries to appear. For example, micro-tears may occur in joints and muscles which only cause pain after some time.

Some patents even ignore shoulder and arm pain following auto accidents. We recommend visiting our facility instead.

Common pain symptoms

Both shoulder and arm pain is common following car accidents. You may suffer these symptoms as a result of:

Neck injury: If discs or ligaments in the neck get injured during the accident, they can cause pain in nerves that travel into your arms and shoulders. The pain may occur immediately or later on.

Auto collision: Collisions can result in a violent force, jerking your body and causing physical damage in arms and shoulders. This type of injury will cause instant pain.

Whiplash injury: pain may also accompany whiplash injuries. They cause tension around your neck and back. It may take a few days before the symptoms appear.

Ignored pain conditions

Some people will suffer from pain and find their body sore days after the accident. Postponing your trip to a care facility will only worsen the problem. This is especially true for conditions mentioned above.

If you have pain in your neck or back or any other region, there’s a chance it will spread to your arms and shoulders. Lingering pain, specifically, is a symptom of an injury.

What can you do?

Even if you’re not in pain and have yet to feel sore, visit a chiropractor for shoulder injury treatment. It’s a good idea to share information related to the auto accident to help the expert determine the injuries you may have suffered from.

The shoulder is anatomically complex, and your chiropractor will know how to assess it properly. We can also help determine if the pain is a result of direct injury or if the actual injury is somewhere else in the body (for example, neck or upper back).

If you want to seek proper car accident injury treatment in Jacksonville, get in touch with us today. We provide comprehensive care for all auto accident related injuries, including shoulder, neck and back pain.

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